21st century tool for art appreciation for the world

Submitted 4 years ago
Johnna D.
Johnna D.
Oak Grove Elementary School
Peachtree City GA, US
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Artsonia, as a teaching tool satisfies several national standards for visual arts. Display, writing about one's work, presenting your art for display to a name a few. My goals have been for the fifth graders to be able to fully operate and curate their own galleries.
(Take their own picture, crop and adjust accordingly, write intelligently about the choices they made to create the work in question. ) I try to provide feedback online if at all possible.
Artsonia is a rich teaching tool about how one presents oneself on social media.

How I Use It

I have been artsonia for about 5 years and every year I am SO GLAD I took the time and effort to get Artsonia up and running for my school. Every child has an Artsonia gallery, I typically upload 3 to 6 pieces of their artwork created at school. The rewards grow richer every year. Last year was the first time those kiddos had an account for their entire elementary career--some had over 20 works! They love to see their progress over time and also enjoy feedback from their support family(no matter where they are in the world). Everyone loves children's art! It's a great way to connect!
My art teacher heart LEAPED for joy when a family new to our school ASKED if we used artsonia during open house.
I highly recommend using the platform for your artists.