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AP Exam Prep World History

Extensive, versatile, no-frills review tool for serious AP students

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Character & SEL, Social Studies

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Platforms: Android, iPad, Kindle Fire

Pros: With lots of ways to review -- including a built-in ebook -- this is a stellar tool for comprehensive learning and review.

Cons: Subdued interface and straightforward features might discourage less-motivated users.

Bottom Line: This versatile and extensive review tool for the serious AP student includes a variety of effective study aids.

Teachers using the K12 curriculum in their classroom might use this as their go-to tool for student study and review throughout the school year. Other teachers might recommend AP World History as a strong review tool for students’ independent review in the weeks leading up to the AP exam in May.

Editor's Note: AP Exam Prep World History is no longer available for download.

AP Exam Prep World History is a digital review tool for the AP World History exam. Users can experience a model AP exam through practice multiple-choice quizzes and free-response sections, or explore topics at their own pace through the Quick Review and Scored Essay sections. In Quick Review, users select an historical time period and then explore a list of themes from that period. Under each theme, users find a bulleted Summary, a Keywords glossary, a list of Essential Questions, and, in the Identifications section, a list of important people, events, and concepts. Users can also click Reading to launch pages from a textbook from the same publisher. Textbook pages can be magnified for easier reading, and they can be exported to the device’s camera roll or to email for easy access through another app. 

The app’s Study Statistics section tracks user progress and time spent on each topic, multiple-choice quiz, and free-response quiz, and it’s easy to reset the statistics for different users or different study sessions. Users can also track their progress through the Quick Review section by clicking topics to flag them with a green checkmark for  “completed” or with a red flag for “needs further review.” These marks also help the user customize the kinds of multiple-choice questions that appear elsewhere in the app.

This app is a solid review tool. A wealth of information is included, and tracking progress is easy, both deliberately (by flagging content) and automatically (with the user statistics). The Quick Review section is far more extensive than its name suggests, and its multimodal approach makes it a great choice for students, regardless of their preferred review strategy. It’s equally easy to read a book chapter, discuss essential questions, explore IDs, take quizzes, or outline an essay. About that book chapter: An entire ebook is built right into the app, making this both a stellar tool for review and a possible daily resource for the classroom. 

The multiple-choice section is especially rigorous and unforgiving -- in a good way. Pick five topics to be quizzed on, and you’ll get a question per topic. If you miss one, an entire section is flagged for review. While that initially might seem harsh, it’s good practice for the reality of the AP exam, where it’s likely that there really might be only one or two questions about a given period or topic.

This isn’t the most visually appealing, inexpensive, or fancy AP review app on the market, and at almost half a GB, it takes up significant hard-drive space. But it’s a solid choice for the student who wants to buckle down for serious review.

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The interface isn’t pretty, but students who persist will be rewarded with endless resources and useful feedback.


With multiple ways to read, test, and track progress, this is a stellar tool for engagement with the content and for deliberate test review.


Built-in search features have limited capabilities, and the interface doesn’t play well with the iPad’s built-in accessibility features, like text-to-speech.

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