My favorite history app!

Submitted 7 years ago
Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K.
York Elementary School
York NE, US
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My Take

This is my favorite history app to use with elementary students because it feels so much like a game they don't even realize they are learning! I wish that they could have one for the rest of american history, that way the students could just move to the next app as they are learning about the next time period.

How I Use It

This app can be used many ways here are two suggestions: 1. Use it as a whole class and move through the puzzles and historical "mini-lessons" as a class, this might be best if there is one ipad that the class can project via apple tv. 2. Students can work with a partner or individually through the app.
After you finish all the levels of the app, it can be used as a kickoff point for deeper historical investigation projects.