Great presentation tool and engaging for students.

Submitted 9 years ago
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Animoto is a great way to get kids engaged in making presentations. The colorful and unique designs for presentations and the fun choices in music backgrounds allow students to create a product that is interesting and fun. The Animoto company is great to work with and offer educators free full-length videos with an educator code. They've been wonderful extremely supportive over the years and they continually strive to improve their product. A suggestion for improvement would be somehow to allow more room for students to write their thoughts in the text boxes. The title/subtitle set-up keeps the text boxes succinct, but it's a little confusing for the kids when they're trying to add their text. Possibly just a text box without the title/subtitle headings?

How I Use It

I've used this product for several years as a presentation tool. Animoto is simple to use and kids love it, I think because of the beautiful designs and the music. It is user-friendly and is much more fun for kids that PowerPoint or VoiceThread presentations. Over the years Animoto has made significant improvements in creation of text to go with pictures. It's actually a good lesson in editing teaches kids to be succinct when posting captions for the pictures and the text boxes. Some teachers tend to shy away from Animoto because it doesn't require much writing, but it's a great tool for engagement. I used it recently with a group of tenth graders to create a poetry slam for National Poetry month. The students had to analyze and critique a poem very carefully to create a video that depicted the poem's message and theme. It was the best use of Animoto for critical thinking I've seen.