Create engaging video presentations with ease

Submitted 6 years ago
Cresta K.
Cresta K.
Allegany County Public Schools
Cumberland MD, US
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My Take

I think this app is less of a teaching tool in the traditional sense and more of a teaching presentation tool for teachers and students. With a full gallery of pictures a user can create a basic video presentation in a matter of 15 minutes; the creation of a more detailed presentation with captions would take more time. I feel the templates for the animations and song choices for background music that are provided with the app provide enough options for students to create animations that are able to impact the audience. The app does not have a full tutorial, but the help buttons throughout make it user friendly. The option to share the videos through a variety of sources will provide students with multiple ways for them to take pride in their creations.

How I Use It

This app allows students to use pictures from a device's gallery to develop animated videos containing brief captions, background music and transitions. This app would be a great way for students to visually present a collection of pictures from a project in any content area-the choices of templates, songs, and captions are up to the user and can fit any content. It is an effective way to document an experience, the development of a project, or as a documentary of visual images about a person-the creative potential for this app is limited only by the imagination of the user.

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