Easy, Quick and fun. A great way to make your pictures come alive.

Submitted 8 years ago
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I love this app and the recent project we created. I have done many more with students and even use the app when creating slideshows for their parents, a personal project or marketing for the school.

There are paid subscriptions that allow to make longer movies, have access to more templates and be able to download our movie in different formats. There is also an Education license for teachers and educational discounts.

How I Use It

The Graphite information says this is for grades 7-12 but my 4th-5th grade classes use it often. My last project was having them find pictures that represent digital citizenship to the them. Then they created their slide show using animoto and annotated over it. This project was fun and exciting. I didn't think the students would get into it as mush as they did. They use their iPad to take pics of Digital Citizenship around the school and even inserted self made videos.