Terrific application for students to prove knowledge.

Submitted 8 years ago
Jeromy W.
Jeromy W.
Media Specialist
Indianola Elementary
Selma CA, US
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My Take

I was surprised to find the grade range was 7th - 12th. I have used Animoto with my 1st grade students for many years. It is very easy to use and I can see how it could be used with student of any age. I use this tool as a method of informal assessment. It is not particularly great for learning something new about a topic, but anytime students are exposed to technology they are learning something. Through this application students learn how to handle adding pictures, video, and music. They are using what they learned by writing information to go with the pictures. They are learning to produce something for others to see and comment on. It is an authentic method for students to show others what they know.

How I Use It

I have used Animoto many times with my 1st grade students to have them prove what they learned. After a unit of study I have the students use this site/app to show what they learned about the topic. Part of the assignment is for students to find pictures about the topic and write a brief description about each picture. The students were able to pick a theme, add their pictures, find and add music, write summaries of what they know, and finally produce their video for others to see. An example of how students used Animoto in my class would be during a of studying butterflies, the students found pictures showing the butterfly life cycle. They would then write details to describe each picture. With my students, this has always been a new and fun way for them to show what they know about a topic.