Super user-friendly, combines images, music (your favorite!) and text

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

The quality of the final product (video) is great: the images came out clear, the music wasn't scratchy and the transitions from one slide to another make the presentation far from boring. There is an Animoto Helpdesk, so support is readily available. It can come with a price which varies, depending on how you will use it (e.g.: personal or business). There is however, a free one, albeit not without its limitations, but works fine just the same, in terms of having the students use a multi-media format to represent knowledge and understanding of the lesson.

How I Use It

Animoto could be used in a variety of ways, from introductions to the lesson, to assessments. I guess that it is best used as an assessment tool, because it provides the students many ways to represent their learning. Students use images and add text to describe the images. The descriptions are twitter-brief and hence, compel the students to zero in on the main ideas. Combined with their favorite music, the students are able to demonstrate and summarize what they are learning in a multimedia format.