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Submitted 9 years ago
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Animoto is a really fun online video tool. It is easy to use and very rewarding to the students using it. They may not learn deep knowledge but it is a great "experience" tool that really builds learner confidence. I like everything about this teaching tool. I can't imagine how it could serve students of teachers better, it's simply awesome and everyone should use it in their classrooms. Animoto will revolutionize your students' presentations as well as provide an opportunity for students to create their own expressive communication solutions

How I Use It

Students draw a storyboard with pencil and paper. Then scan or photograph the frames of the storyboard and upload those to Animoto. They sequence their frames, add a soundtrack and produce their movie online. I'm sure there are many other ways to use this tool, but I only use in the way I described here. It does a great job making any sort of slideshow presentation, and you can easily share them for free online using the Animoto web site.