Professional quality videos in a flash!

Submitted 7 years ago
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This app is an excellent, free, easy to use creation based app. It is easy to get set up, provided that students meet age requirements. One solution is to make a class account which students are able to access. The downside to this is that a lot of responsibility will be placed in students as they will have access to each others' work. The upside is that you will always have access to what students are working on. I love that the app has pre-made options to choose from like "promote and idea," or "tell a story." This really helps as a starting point to generate ideas or to help students narrow down their focus. The app is extremely easy to use for all ages and allows for students to add pictures, text, music, backgrounds and to record audio. Students are able to put together quality presentations in a reasonable timeframe. When recording, it is best to use a microphone rather than the iPad microphone for clarity. I think that this app could be greatly enhanced by adding a collaborative option so that students could work on the same project together simultaneously. When projects are finished it is simple to download and share the project. You can share the project through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Messenger and others. My favourite is to save it to the camera roll of the iPad. From here, you can upload it to other programs like Youtube or Google Classroom. Overall, Adobe Voice is a tool that my students love to use and come back to again and again!

How I Use It

The amazing thing about Adobe Voice is that you can use it for anything, it is that versatile! My middle school students used this tool for multiple purposes throughout the school year. This is always one of the first tools they jump to when given the option to share their learning. Adobe Voice includes many pre-made formats including "promote an idea," and "teach a lesson" to name a few. These options make adapting this tool to the learning environment easy! Students have use this tool at the beginning of a unit to present their prior knowledge about a topic. They have used it to tell stories about themselves during an autobiography unit and are able to add images, backgrounds, songs and voice narration to enhance their projects. They have used it in content areas to create high quality engaging videos to share their knowledge of a topic (climate change, communities, global health, etc.) with others including their peers, teachers and parents. They have even used Adobe Voice to create a presentation for parents night about our unit of inquiry. There is always a resounding "wow" effect after an Adobe Voice video is shown in class. Adobe Voice is easy to use, even for the youngest of students and allows them to create beautiful, professional looking products!