Easy to use digital presentation for elementary students.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

This tool is easy to show students a few features and they can really figure out the rest themselves. Students are not able to save it where their name is attached to the content. It is good to find tools that allow even younger students to create very professional presentations, but that also require them to learn components like self-selection of backgrounds, music, and other features. The greater ownership they have over what the product can look like in the end, the more time they take to make it their very best work. We have had some trouble with the saving feature at times.

How I Use It

My upper elementary students used this for multiple purposes throughout the year. As a presentation tool, students used it to create portfolios of their learning with recorded audio text narration. Students can create their own stories and illustrations, using the features of Adobe Voice to add music, backgrounds, and voice recordings. For content areas, students can use it to create easy, professional looking presentations to share their learning with others on topics like book reviews, social studies topic studies, and for a "film festival" following a service learning project.