Create quick and professional presentations with music

Submitted 6 years ago
Hollie G.
Hollie G.
Instructional Coach
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My Take

My favorite apps are always the ones that have students creating, and this one does just that. It is not one where students will be taught something from the app, but where they can showcase their learning. I love that students can record their voices, add in some images, and not worry about the music behind it because it is provided. I thought it was handy these would be shared through social media or emailed out to parents.

How I Use It

We have used this app with some of our 4th grade classrooms for poetry they had written. Students were able to record their poems, add in some images, and the music was already provided so it made a quick, powerful presentation of their work. As an instructional coach if I need to get some information across to teachers, instead of sending out an email, I have used this to create a short presentation on information to send out to teachers.