Create quick, professional looking videos directly from your phone with Voice.

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Adobe Voice is an incredibly well made application. It is very easy to use without a need for a lot instruction on how to use it. Most students above grade 3 or 4 will be able to intuitively get started completely on their own. There are many templates to choose from and they are based on what you want to do- tell a story, teach a lesson, etc.
The uses for this tool in the classroom are innumerable. Students could create audio/video versions of their writings. ELL students could create a visual word bank with pictures of items and record the word in English and their native language. Students could create visual tutorials of math strategies. And these ideas don't even include the many teachers uses such as visual tutorials for remediation.
The full feature collection does require download over WiFi for installation and you must have an Adobe account to use the app. A teacher could easily create a throwaway account for students to use under supervision, but it is an obstacle that needs to be addressed. Once created, the videos can be shared in a number of ways and the result is an easy to use and share format that could even be imported into other applications.

How I Use It

Adobe Voice is a video creation tool that allows students to use their own voice, along with pictures and icons from their phone to create amazing, short presentations complete with background and accompanying music. While students may not learn directly from the app, it is a platform for them to create learning opportunities or to demonstrate their mastery of content or a particular standard. I had my students create a short documentary story about a family history moment from the past. As a model for them, I created a one minute video about the diner my grandparents once owned. I did it completely on the phone using one of the builtin icons and a couple of family pictures I already had on my device. Adobe Voice added a music track and back ground from the one of the many templates I selected. From start to finish, I had created the video in less than 10 minutes.