Easy to Use Presentation App

Submitted 6 years ago
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Creating a presentation involves only 3 steps (title, choose a layout, and add voice and image content to each page) so students don't get bogged down in font style/size/color/placement. However, unlike Educreations, many of the icons and photos found by using the built-in search feature are not appropriate for young children. When using this app my students can only use photos from their iPads or take a photo with their camera. For this reason some of them prefer Educreations that has a more stringent filter on image content. Adobe Voice does allow music to be added, which the other apps don't. I know Adobe Voice isn't designed for students under 13, but it would be helpful to filter images by an age range, maybe in a setting associated with the account.

How I Use It

Adobe Voice is a good app for young students to use to create a presentation due to its simplicity. Since my students are under 13, we have 1 account (my name) for the class. This is one app I allow students to use to create presentations in class. Other app choices are Educreations, 30 Hands, Sonic Pics, and Haiku Deck. Many students have their favorite among the 5, while others switch back and forth. It's easy to transfer the final video to the camera roll.