Simple App for creating personally narrated slideshows.

Submitted 7 years ago
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I highly recommend this app to anyone. Having a student with a sever communication disability, he was able to have another device do the talking and then it recorded for him.
I like how simple the app is to use and that you can then send the link to anyone for viewing.
I do not like that the videos cannot be sent directly to the camera roll and then downloaded from there. You have to have an Internet connection to view the videos.
This app can be used for many different activities. I see this being used a lot in the lower elementary as a way for them to tell stories. Also this can take the place of doing a traditional PowerPoint. Being able to add your own voice to you work makes it more personal and fun.

How I Use It

As a fifth grade teacher I use this product at the beginning of the year as a stepping-stone to using technology. I have each student create a short little slideshow video telling us about themselves. I use this as a get to know piece, so that I can get to know more about each student. These can be likes, dislikes, family members, pets, anything they want to share.
It is a very easy and simple app to use because it is just a click to record and you can select images from the internet, camera roll, or use the pre-loaded images. The students were able to work on their writing, as they had to write a little script. They were also able to be creative and have fun with a simple project that too about 10 minutes to complete.

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