Redefine projects and student learning: Use Your Voice

Submitted 8 years ago
Lisa  B.
Lisa B.
Braxton County High School
Sutton WV, US
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My Take

Adobe Voice is a great, easy way for students to gather multiple form of information and share information in a digital medium. The application in relation to SAMR falls within the redefinition, for it allowed students to create a narrated exploration of specific career and shared it online across multiple platforms. Depending on how educators utilize this application would impact Voice falling between Modification and Redefinition. The ability for students to create, combine, and share multiple forms of media makes Voice a winner.

How I Use It

Adobe Voice was utilized in a project based learning activity where students completed research in an career exploration activity. Students were required to take interest inventories, complete research online, weigh their options, then select a career they had the most interest in. For documentation of the learning process, students used voice to create and share a presentation that reflected their learning process, including their scores, choices, narrowing factors, and information/requirements for their career of choice. Voice allow for an easy application of knowledge, with very little time for teaching the tech. The options within the application, including the sharing features, allowed for students to share their presentation across multiple platforms. With the ease of use, multi-leveled learners are able to effectively utilize the application without issues.