Versatile and intuitive, Adobe Voice fits into any curriculum!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Due to its simplicity and lack of choice - only 5 layouts and automatic transitions with the themes- it allows students to hone in on the content of their work and create cohesive, polished products. Be aware that the images, though, can be inappropriate. Searching for "love" for example gives some raunchier images in the icon, or when my students searched "self" there were some icons that implied suicide. If I were doing this with younger children, I would provide them with a vetted image hosting site, have them create their own, or have them act things out and take pictures.

How I Use It

My students create an analysis of the Hero's Journey from our novel. While it lacked certain parts of the journey in the templates, it was very easy for students to jump right in and begin. I required my students top stay with the icons so that was I wouldn't risk any inappropriate images coming up in the creative commons search. Students enjoyed the music options. We didn't even need the tutorial it was so intuitive. I can see this used to publish works for ELA as well as pretty much perfect for most any subject. It would be perfect for science labs, reviewing historical events, as well as great practice for foreign languages. With the icons, I also know I can post the work to the web without violating privacy.