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Adobe Voice

Easy-to-use tool for creating high-quality voice-narrated slideshows

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Arts, Communication & Collaboration, English Language Arts

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Creating Media, Presentation

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad

Pros: Sleek interface is easy to use with lots of thematic options.

Cons: Terms of Use specify ages 13 and up, and sharing options create some privacy concerns.

Bottom Line: Students and teachers will find many ways to use Adobe Voice to share information and showcase learning.

Adobe Voice is a tool both teachers and students will find numerous uses for. Teachers can create podcasts to share ideas or information with students on a class website or blog. Students can use it as a presentation tool, creating narrated slideshows to illustrate pieces of writing, explain concepts in content areas, or deliver a persuasive or instructional speech. The options are limitless. The Adobe Voice blog features more ideas and showcases work created by students and teachers.

Editor's Note: Adobe Voice is now part of Adobe Spark.

Adobe Voice is an easy-to-use tool for creating voice-narrated slideshows using clip art or personal images. Students can add background and music, creating impressive, high-quality presentations that can be shared via social media or email, and featured in the public gallery of Adobe Voice creations. An option is provided to keep presentations private from those who don't have the direct link. Adobe's Terms of Use specify it is for users ages 13 and above, and the app store lists it for ages 12+ due to infrequent mature themes and infrequent alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references. Those encounters may be found in the presentations featured in the gallery, but students will not encounter them while creating their own presentations. 

The app walks students through the creation process step by step, starting with a gallery of examples. To start a presentation, they tap "create a new story" and answer a few questions or make some selections. (If they prefer, students can skip the inspiration and get right down to making a presentation, or browse the suggestions for ideas.) They choose a theme, add background music, and add text or images either from a vast searchable library of icons or from their own photos. Then they just tap and talk. Students can share their presentations via social media or email.

Adobe Voice isn't a movie maker -- no video recording is involved -- but it can be used in many ways to communicate messages or stories in an engaging, interesting way. The design is intuitive, and instructions walk students through each step of the process. The library of icon images is impressive, but it's only keyword searchable, so students should have an idea of what they want to include rather than simply browsing for inspiration. The choices of themes and music open up lots of options for setting a mood. It all comes together to create a high-quality, professional-caliber presentation. After 10 seconds of recording, a message to "keep it short" pops up, but recording can continue for several minutes per slide.

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Students can produce professional-level presentations that are fun to create and engaging to watch. The design is simple, elegant, and easy to navigate.


Students must think through all aspects of their presentations -- background music, themes, and image choices -- choosing those that complement their message. Prompts guide them through fully developing the message.


Step-by-step instructions walk students through creating their presentations. Work is saved online and can be shared via social media and email, but can't be saved to the camera roll or computer.

Common Sense reviewer
Amanda Bindel
Amanda Bindel Teacher

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Professional quality videos in a flash!

This app is an excellent, free, easy to use creation based app. It is easy to get set up, provided that students meet age requirements. One solution is to make a class account which students are able to access. The downside to this is that a lot of responsibility will be placed in students as they will have access to each others' work. The upside is that you will always have access to what students are working on. I love that the app has pre-made options to choose from like "promote and idea," or "tell a story." This really helps as a starting point to generate ideas or to help students narrow down their focus. The app is extremely easy to use for all ages and allows for students to add pictures, text, music, backgrounds and to record audio. Students are able to put together quality presentations in a reasonable timeframe. When recording, it is best to use a microphone rather than the iPad microphone for clarity. I think that this app could be greatly enhanced by adding a collaborative option so that students could work on the same project together simultaneously. When projects are finished it is simple to download and share the project. You can share the project through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Messenger and others. My favourite is to save it to the camera roll of the iPad. From here, you can upload it to other programs like Youtube or Google Classroom. Overall, Adobe Voice is a tool that my students love to use and come back to again and again!

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