Simple, Intuitive, and Shareable Presentation Design Tool

Submitted 5 years ago
Samantha E.
Samantha E.
Antelope Valley Adventist School
Lancaster CA, US
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My Take

Since students can create several Spark pages by the end of a year, it is a great way to showcase a student portfolio. Unlike with PowerPoint, students have the ability to easily and immediately share presentations via Social Media, e-mail, and more, which gets them engaged faster. This also aids in the grading process! more downloading projects, just click each link.

Which brings me to a constructive criticism, it would be great if Spark allowed for following other users (such as your students) or the creation of "groups" where a teacher could essentially create a classroom and invite students to join. Also, from an art teacher and graphic designer's perspective it would be nice to have more creative reign over fonts, layout, objects/elements, etc.

How I Use It

Adobe Spark can be an extremely useful tool for evaluation at the end of a unit. Once students get used to the interface and have used it a few times, they can easily create presentations that highlight the main ideas, vocabulary, important figures and events, etc. that THEY took from the chapter/unit. This is great for helping teachers become better acquainted with how each student learns and what they seem to take away most from class.