Fun and easy practice to help build a strong foundation

Submitted 4 years ago
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From this parent's point of view, the monster reward system is the highlight of Adapted Mind. The integrated anticipation of success followed by the opportunity to be creative and see concrete evidence of hard work is what creates a lure to continue the necessary lessons. For this reason, Adapted Mind stands out for us when comparing similar programs aimed at providing a similar service.

How I Use It

I am a parent of a homeschooled first grader who struggles with learning math (or I struggle with teaching her in a way she understands).

I did the free trial because she liked the monsters.

After the free trial, I subscribed. I do not find the interface difficult. I set up where she starts and then she plays math for as long as she wants - usually an hour or so. She loves earning gems and being awarded new "friends" and customizing them and her room where they live. It's really wonderful to see the program automatically adjust to her ability at the time.

My daughter has a hard time concentrating on school work, but she'll spend time on this program with her eyes glued.

The only problem is that I have to adjust the screen size for different parts of the program. CTL + or - fixes the problem quickly.