ABCya! Engaging activities for ALL learners!

Submitted 4 years ago
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ABCya! provides support, practice, and/or enrichment in grades K-5. Students will enjoy the charming graphics while taking ownership of their own learning in math, phonics, reading, the arts and strategic thinking. A wide variety of skills are addressed at multiple levels, and provide students with immediate feedback. The games are user friendly and easy to navigate, making it “a snap” to locate and understand how to use the different tools and options. ABCya! can be useful as a quick assessment screener after small group instruction, as an independent learning station, or as a take home activity. With minimal direction, teachers, tutors, and parents will enjoy all that this app has to offer. Many of the programs will include the Common Core Standards. Do notice that some Apps require audio access, and tech help and FAQ’s, when needed, are available at the bottom of the screen. ABCya! also does not store completed student work. Trust that your students/children will have fun while learning!

How I Use It

I recently began using ABCya! with a small group of kindergarten students that I tutor after school. The app allows for supported or extended learning, and reinforces the skill-set/s that the children are mastering in the classroom. Students can be challenged by games that are creatively formatted for learning while having fun! Alphabet Bubbles, for example, allows students to reinforce a wide variety of skills: eye/hand coordination, mastering upper or lower-case letters, and alphabetical order. Strategic thinking becomes increasingly important as the levels become more complex. My students stepped up to the plate and enjoyed the increasing difficulty. When I needed a new choice for a student who was not meeting the challenge, ABCya! offered many more games that have similar expectations at a more appropriate level - allowing for differentiation. The variety and choice of each of the games fostered engagement and allowed every child to feel successful.