Great reinforcement tool for my students!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I believe this is a great reinforcement tool for students and they are able to use the website independently. My students are highly engaged and the math games go along directly with what I am teaching in the classroom. I love that there are options for students to be creative as well when on this website . Students can use story maker to create stories or use tangrams to create pictures. I do wish there were more reading games on this website that I could incorporate into my classroom that align with reading comprehension. Although some games allow you to change the difficulty not all do, which is hard for my lower level students. Also, you are not able to see what students accomplished when using this website. Overall, my students really enjoy going on this website and are able to practice skills in a fun and engaging way.

How I Use It

In my classroom students are able to go on ABCya for morning work on Fridays and occasionally during reading centers and math workshop. I use this tool as independent work for my students to allow them to practice a skill that I already taught. Recently my students have been using the graphing game to reinforce skills from our graphing unit. The students are engaged the entire time they are using this website and are always asking to go back on it. There are a lot more math games that align to what we are working on in the classroom than there are reading games.