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I have used ABCya in past years and love the activities that it provides for my students. I've used ABCya to focus on early literacy and math skills in kindergarten. The directions for the students are read to them (which is great for little ones that don't know how to read yet!) and provides simple instruction that they can follow. Students can independently practice skills that connect to the common core standards.

Accessing website through my school computers can be a little complicated so I would like to explore an app version of the website. Kindergartners have previous knowledge on how to access apps on tablets but are new to using window computers to click to find the tool.

I also include ABCya as a home resource for my students to further practice and explore the tools at home. ABCya provides a wide variety of activities so we do not have time in class to investigate all the activities. But ABCya gives easy access for young students to independently explore at school and at home. The tool is FREE, which is always a plus for school and home!

Since there are so many activities available on the site, it would be great for them to be organized in a better manner. Many of my students took quite a bit of time in scrolling all the activities to find a specific one they wanted to use.

How I Use It

This week my kindergarten class worked on counting a set using one-to-one correspondence. I introduced the game as a whole group lesson on my Promethean board with all the children. We went over how to long into our school computers, how to access s the ABCya website and how to play the Birthday Candle Count game. Students must click on each candle to light the birthday cake. As the students click on the candle, ABCya will say the number. Students can count with the computer. This enforces the students to click one candle at a time (1 to 1) and say or hear the number name when the candle is lit. Students got the chance to individually access ABCya in the computer lab. As I observed the students play the game, all students were engaged. Some students practice saying the number name as the computer counted. A couple of students just liked clicking the candles. After this introduction of this tool to the class, students can access the tool during independent centers and computer lab time.