ABCya is a great combination of practicing skills and having fun

Submitted 10 years ago
Kristin G.
Kristin G.
East Buchanan Elementary School
Gower MO, US
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My Take

ABCya is a great website to use in education for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Games and activities are leveled by grade level. There are several reasons why I believe this is a great website to use in the classroom. One reason I like it so much is that many of the games have different levels. This means that students who are more advanced can choose harder levels than those who are still in the beginning levels of learning a skill. Another reason ABCya is a a great website is because the games make learning fun. Students don't even really realize they are learning or practicing a skill. My students ask over and over if they can get on ABCya because they think it is FUN. What a great combination: practicing skills and having fun! Finally, the website is so simple to use. The navigation buttons are consistent, and students quickly learn how to navigate the site. ABCya is perfect for teachers who are looking for a way for students to practice skills they have learned in the classroom. The games are engaging and are age-appropriate. ABCya does not really provide a way for students to "learn" a skill. So it is not ideal for someone who is looking for a website that will supplement curriculum. It does, however, provide activities on subjects that may not be covered in the classroom such as keyboarding and Internet safety. Basically, if you are looking for a safe website that is easy to use where students can practice skills, then ABCya is the website for you and your students.

How I Use It

In my own classroom, I use this website for students to practice keyboarding skills. Third grade students visit this website frequently for keyboarding practice. They really enjoy the cup stacking game, where they have to type letters to stack and unstack the cups. This game is perfect for single letter practice. This would be a game that is great for students who are still struggling with basic keyboarding. The website also has keyboarding games that are more difficult for students who are more advanced in keyboarding. This is why I like to use ABCya because I know that students can find a "just right" fit for them without being labeled "lower" by their peers because they all are on the same website. As a classroom teacher, I would use this website for math skills practice. There are some excellent games that the students really enjoy and find challenging. Even I enjoy playing them! For example, students can practice addition skills with a game called Math Fact Shoot Out. They have to correctly answer 10 addition problems, and then they get to shoot baskets. Another game that students enjoy is called Math Man Jr. This game is very similar to Pac-Man except that in this game, the Pac-Man must eat the correct ghost. The correct ghost is the one that has the answer to the given math problem. Students instantly love these games and I can feel good knowing that they are also practicing math skills.