Good for Small Groups or Extension

Submitted 9 years ago
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For Upper elementary, this works well for students who are proficient with sequencing. I have also used it to build skill with sequencing. However, the app works best when instructing a small group. For upper elementary an adult would want to be 'right there' to provide immediate feedback about the sequencing, or the animator could get frustrated. There are also features such as duplicating a page, that usually needs to be explicitly taught to upper elementary students.

How I Use It

When I was a regular Classroom teacher, I used it both as an extension and as an intervention. It is an engaging way for students to retell a story that increases sequencing opportunities, yet builds digital literacy skills.
It would take a small group instructional time, then you could send students to work towards independence.
It does not very well whole group. There were not 80% of the upper elementary students who found it intuitive. Maybe because most of them lack experience with digital story telling and or animation.