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My students love it!

I love the reports that give me detailed information on my students' achievement with assigned skills.
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Great Teaching Tool

Many of my students found this program to be easy to use and very beneficial. I found that many students used this program on their own when they had finished other work.
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Prodigy is Great!

My students enjoy getting outfits and items for their avatars. They are excited when they answer questions correctly and I like the data that it provides.
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What did we do before Prodigy?

I have never had access to anything as rigorous and well planned as Prodigy. I can use the teacher dashboard to set goals, create assignments and monitor usage. I can’t believe it’s still free! Thank you Prodigy team for all you do!!
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Wonderful product, excited for the future

Once Prodigy English expands to cover more content, it will be a wonderful resource for both reviewing and learning new concepts. Some questions are currently too easy for students as the choices are often obvious due to the only having a few possible answers. I would love to see either open-ended questions or questions with multiple-choice answers that require students to think more. Resource gathering can also be too distracting and take up too much play time compared to the amount of time that it takes to answer questions. The overall concept of the game is magnificent, however. The students love it regardless of any flaws, and it is a great reward when a teacher needs to catch up on some work or take a break for a bit. Students love to personalize their characters, and both Prodigy Math and English are the first choice for some of them when they go home and have free time after school. Any time we have an eLearning day, I give students the time to play some Prodigy, and engagement rate of work completion skyrockets compared to almost any other online program that I offer to students. Prodigy Math and English have helped my students receive some of the highest test scores in the country even without constantly tracking their data like most schools do nowadays. My love of gaming and their love of gaming are able to come together in a friendly, educational way to help them build necessary skills for their futures.
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Great resource fir kids
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Resource for ELA

I love this resource and so do my students so I can use it for extra practice or as an incentive. It is a great way to assess mastery of the CCSS.
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Fantastic learning game

As a teaching tool it is good to help cement knowledge once it has been taught. I'm not sure it works on its own as well as the progidy maths does but it is new so hopefully the content will get more and more complete.
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PRODIGY = success

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I love my students want to engage in their learning.

I love that my students wanted to play and engage in English learning. I appreciate the data I receive as a teacher after they play.
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