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Good game But 1 question

I LOVE this game! But as I said earlier, I would consider for the Dreamscape developers to add the feature in which students can search for students. This would be great for my students and other kids.
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My students love it! But they constantly tell me about bugs with the reveries. Basically when they train the reveries it doesnt train like half, so they are stuck with little reveries. Please fix this! But other than that they love/enjoy it!

Its generally a good way to get my students interested in learning, like the other day one of my students said that they learned something new which is nice to know that my students are playing an educational game that they really like. And also one of my students that has some difficulties with metaphors and similes now understand them and can pay attention during the lesson. Basically so many students have improved just with this app. But one of my student keeps getting the same questions she already knows, which is totally unfair because she gets to upgrade stuff basically without work. Also there are a bunch of bugs which annoy my students and me.
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Perfect for encouraging reading.

The developers are constantly trying to improve the game and always come up with wonderful ideas. My students love that they can battle friends and me. I love the teacher dashboard because it allows me to see how my students are doing. I disagree with the Common Sense review about the reading not being connected to game play because it is Central to everything the kids do in the game. Without answering questions correctly, students can't really do anything in the game. They try hard to get questions correct.
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Great gamified platform for English language learning.

It’s a fabulous platform that is engaging fir students if all levels.
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Stands apart from other educational games!

This is the reading resource to give to your students who are already avid gamers! On the day I introduced Dreamscape to my students, I expected to walk them through the tutorial all together as a class. However, I quickly realized it was not necessary for me to provide a walkthrough on my projector screen. So many of my students had played real-time strategy games in the past that they began to recognize similarities between Dreamscape and those actual games they played for leisure. For my students who rarely engage in video games or mobile games, they sat down in small groups with the serious gamers to have peer support as they got started. <br><br> Once my students realized they could battle one another, the competition got fierce and my class became invested. Students were playing longer than required at home-- students were even bringing their Chromebooks to the cafeteria at lunchtime to sneak in some more playtime! A few students who were not typically gamers got hooked in this way, eager to beat some of the top players in the class, have the longest streak of correct answers, or gain status on the leaderboard. Students who do not play games in their free time might be overwhelmed at first by the options to build, battle, and engage in academic content, but they recognized the value of the app and stuck with it. They reported the content was rigorous, so it was worth learning the game-- the content was often more challenging than paper-based resources they were receiving from their other teachers or even other apps they had used for practice. <br><br> Most importantly for me, I think, though, is the graphics. The concept art is well-designed. So often when I try to find online resources for middle schoolers, I fear the art or the site's layout may appear too juvenile and may discourage my students from wanting to use the product. The artwork here is comparable to games they would pay to play in their free time, and by no means looks like it's only for elementary students.
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This is a fun game, but the questions are harder at times.

It’s a fun program with addicting activities similar to Game of Thrones. However some of the questions are very difficult, so some learners lose interest. It has the ability to create Dreamteams which motivates learners!
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