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Super fun and engaging

I think this tool is more for entertainment than as a teaching tool. Some of the game modes do require some logic and thinking but overall, it is not difficult and you do not get penalized much for mistakes.
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Great tool for learning Internet Safety

I loved it for teaching internet safety. In Reality River it taught how people phish for your information. Mindful Mountain taught to be careful how much information you share. Great Program!
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Great activity to talk about being safe online!

I think it would be good as an extension. Teachers still need to talk about it in addition to playing the games. I liked that it used games that were fun, but also told important information kids would need to know. However, there are not many options for different ways to play the game or accessibility options. It does read some texts, but not all.
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A great Digital Citizenship game for kids!

I would highly recommend this series of lessons especially since it's a fun way for kids to practice the topics we've discussed in our digital citizenship lessons. I think the level about secure passwords moves pretty slowly for kids who would be able to handle controls as the character glides through the valley. A way for kids to adjust the character's speed on this level would be nice. It took so long the kids start losing interest. I tested it on a Chromebook and was glad to see it worked. On my lab computers (MacBook Airs) the fans started kicking in after processing the graphics.
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Up to date visual graphics that grab the learner's attention immediately!!! Great Gaming for learning!

It gives the visuals of a good game site, which draws the attention of the learner. With the engagement, they are learning yet they are not bored. Before they know it they have learned about serious Internet protocol to share with classmates and family that will help to keep others safe and focused when on the Internet.
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