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Low barrier to entry for anyone who wants to make a real app.

Bloxmob is an excellent choice for educators who would like to offer students a chance to design, build, and share apps (that actually work) without the barrier of coding or having to create a developer's account with Apple or Android. Combined with human-centered, paper wireframing, and Agile, this platform is a fantastic choice for teachers interested in an authentic approach to inquiry-based learning.
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Bloxmob - App Building Made Easy!

As a teaching tool, this product is in the development stage. There is no classroom feature where teachers can monitor their students progress, collect data, or assign grades. Also, there are no step-by-step lesson plans created for teachers who do not have time to develop a lesson themselves. Finally, the pricing for each lesson is prohibitive for teachers in middle school, who may serve up to 200 students.
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