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Azores with STC. Excellent organisation of the trip and delivery on site

Fab - no complaints. Although students did not get to go whale watching they are mature enough to realise that weather conditions are important!
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Brings teaching to life!

This virtual reality tool was one of the 1st of bring VR into classrooms everywhere with it’s inexpensive Google Cardboard viewer. It is easy to use and completely engaging. The library continues to grow, offering more and more opportunities for immersion learning. The app itself can also be experienced without a viewer. It offers 360° tours using the devices accelerometer. In addition to the expanded VR library, it has added AR to it’s repertoire. With all that this app has to offer, it is a definite must have for classrooms.
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Awesome tool! I loved it!

I loved it! It was very engaging and unique. It allowed students to explore new places without ever leaving their seats. The teacher was able to lead the expeditions or the teacher could have a student lead the expedition. I really liked this because it let students have the choice of exploring what they want. I also loved all the different options! There were coves to discover, old buildings, the human body, etc. It really encompassed everyones interests and kept everyone engaged. The only thing I did not like about it was it caused motion sickness. I was not the only one to experience it but I am sure that is just a common side effect of virtual reality.
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Make them say "Wow!"

This is an excellent product! We didn't have a problem with our network as we used the connection setup for router only when leading the expeditions. Downloading is completed ahead of time on the regular network. Our teachers appreciate the step-by-step instructions and assistance of our Learning, Design and Technology team to make the transition of using it alone so much easier for our teachers. Not only do our students love it, but just watching the expressions on our teachers' faces and making note of how quickly both student and teacher retains the information makes it worth the effort. Having a kit of just ten devices has allowed us to discuss grouping of students for better communication and collaboration. The one kit (of 10 devices) we've been using is so popular in our district that we'll definitely purchase another!
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Expeditions is a great tool that allows the classroom to navigate and explore the world without leaving their desk.

My overall opinion of the app is "Good"! I liked the ability to explore the world. My students could explore places they might never get the opportunity to visit personally.
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Go nearly anywhere in the world!

I loved it, and so did my students. My students will probably never be able to visit some of these places, so being able to bring them there virtually was a huge advantage. We all know that field trips have a lasting impact on students, and by having them virtually take these field trips, they are able to remember and understand the information better. Aquila Education also provided free lessons, which is great. The lessons are Common Core/Next Gen aligned and come with everything you need to jump right in (student worksheet, slides, lesson plan)
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Google Expeditions

Overall, I think this tool is a great way to enhance learning and engage students. Having this visual and alternate reality is highly beneficial in the classroom and only helps increase their understanding of the topic.
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A fun way to explore the world around you!

This teaching tool is a great way to show the children what it would be like on Mount Everest or in the forest. It gives them a whole new perceptive that can't be gained while just talking or showing pictures of the place.
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Great for field trips without leaving the classroom!

It's a great tool, however, I found it a little challenging to use. It's a great way to explore the planet and learn new things and engagement with this tool would be high. all around I would say its a great tool to use, just be ready for a stall in class time if its not working correctly.
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Interactive Visuals

It is really engaging and students will enjoy using this app. I would suggest to use it for a limited amount of time due to eye sensitivity.
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