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Students are excited to play and learn!

Students need more vocabulary development. WWF allows students to learn in a way that is different from rote memorization and allows them to use various levels of cognitive engagement. Students and teachers love it!
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Fun, social gaming with an educational purpose.

The Power Words make the game even more adaptable for classroom use. The player experience is also in-tact from the commercial version, keeping a focus on fun through wordplay. The dashboard and lesson plan ideas are incredibly useful. When I had students play, they quickly had multiple games at once. As an unintended result, students learned digital citizenship through social play, all in the safe space of the virtual classroom's "walled garden."
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Phenomally engaging. My students were enthusiastic and collaborative in their approach to this fantastic app.

Words with Friends EDU is a fantastic teaching tool. The interface is clean and easy to understand, to the degree that I can use it as an example of GUI design for multimedia classes. The interaction amongst students was positive, even when in competition, with a degree of cooperative collaboration that surprised me. I was able to incorporate a number of language arts and history lessons within the context of the game, and beyond, as it livened language arts lessons on affixes, creativity, foreign language, word origins, spelling and more.
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