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Very engaging and high level of creativity!

I think this product is engaging and provides an opportunity to gain skills through interests and creativity.
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Learning Outside the "Blox"

Great product. It's a blank slate for the imagination of both teacher and student. Every student (K-5) uses the product at our school and engagement is OFF THE CHARTS. It can be integrated into any subject area and any source material. Even if you don't buy a classroom set of boards, the app can be used dynamically. How can it serve kids? Your writing block now has an even greater purpose when one of your students can create a non-fiction story about "The Stinky Sock that Ruled the World" and another can research Marie Curie, but both can create games that illustrate their work to share with others. Students will stretch their minds in order to ideate ways to integrate Bloxels into activities. I'm all for any tool on the market that allows students to own their learning and Bloxels does a great job with that.
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Play Games and Learn Too!

I love this tool and so do my students. There were some glitches but the company is very open to solving their glitches and work hard to do so. This game is very engaging. The students needed to use problem solving skills, iteration, and trial and error to make their game the best it could be.
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Interactive Storytelling

The app is free and the boards are not expensive. We purchased a classroom pack so that students can create directly on the app or by manipulating the pieces. I really appreciate how the company responds quickly to questions on twitter as well as the tutorial videos as I am not an expert on the app. Our students love this new tool and we hope to expand the use into other academic areas.
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Build & Design a 13-Bit Video Game

Bloxels is a fantastic tool to extend creation in the classroom. Since we know that students love to game, it's time to start incorporating those features into the curricular content areas. The ease of Bloxels is the main feature that attracted me to use Bloxels in my classroom. The Bloxels team has short video tutorials to help you design and create. The company is very active on social media and is very receptive to ideas and giving teachers guidance and help. As the company grows and develops, I can only foresee bigger and better ideas coming from the project. Although the sets can be a bit pricey, I would encourage you to start with a smaller set of kits and pitch the idea to your administration and PTA /PTO for more funding of the Bloxel kits. It won't take a principal very long to see the engagement of students when they walk into your classroom and see students designing, testing, and sharing ideas with each other.
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