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Movenote Gone Paid - Thankfully the App Remains Useable as Free

Movenote lacks some of the support and polish I expect from a powerful showcasing app. To see a finished Movenote was all I needed to look past those issues because the powerfulness of the app is what sets it apart. I appreciate the Google Drive integration and Google Login features. This makes it easy for use to access and create in the world of Google Apps for Education. Recently, however, Movenote went paid. Perhaps with an influx of money they will upgrade the user experience and interface. Thankfully, at the time of this writing, the app remains free with full functionality. This is a powerful teaching tool and an incredible archive of student work and growth over time.
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A Presentation Tool with a Personal Touch

I love the ease of use of Movenote. I also appreciate the fact it can be used in so many different manners. Through my years as a Technology and Learning Coach it has been tough to find presentation and/or screen capture tools which are free, reliable, easy to use, and safe for elementary age students to implement. Movenote does all of these things and more. Share publicly or privately with a link when your Movenote is complete or use the embed code to post somewhere online. We've had a lot of success and positive feedback from teachers and students about Movenote. That's always a good thing. There is the fact that a Movenote seems to be an "all or nothing" adventure as there is no chance to edit when a Movenote is complete, but this is the tradeoff when tools need to be as simple as possible to use. After a take or two things will sometimes just need to be "good enough" for teachers and students and that's okay.
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So much potential for use in teaching speaking skills!

Movenote allows people to make videos. Its power as a teaching tool rests in how it is used. For teachers who are new to using technology in the classroom, this is a great option to share with them. With few bells and whistles and Google integration, it is super easy for people to pick up. Unfortunately, if you make an error, you do have to start your recording over or simply live with the small blunder. However, given the fact that this is a free application, I understand that it would be limited. It is an excellent little application with tons of potential for learning. It is my hope that teachers ask students to use Movenote to create. Because it is so easy to use, students can spend time creating a presentation rather than trying to learn how to use the application. Presentations can truly come alive. Speaking can take a greater role. I hope you give this application a shot.
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Make Marvelous Movenote Videos for Teaching and Learning

I love Movenote! It is super easy to use and integrates with Google Drive. You are able to share a link or embed your movenote to a class website. Our school district uses Chromebooks so it is pretty simple to add it from the Chrome Web Store to connect to your Google Apps. I do wish that there were more interactive possibilities so students could provide some answers or submit their thinking.
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A great way to enhance presentations with a personal touch!

I introduced Movenote to a faculty member that was looking for a technology tool that students could use to do a presentation without using class time. Students simply created a PowerPoint presentation and uploaded it to Movenote. They were then able to record themselves using a webcam while easily syncing the presentation slides. Once all the presentations were submitted, the teacher shared and all students in the class were able to watch throughout the week. It worked great because it saved class time and also allowed students to see themselves giving the presentation.
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