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Office Mix can flip your PowerPoint

I really like Office Mix. First of all, in the past I hadn't found a screenshot recording tool that I really liked and storage of the files was an issue. Second, it is nice to be able to take already created PowerPoints and enhance them through the use of questions for kids, annotations and voice recording, and video. Finally, I really like that there is data recorded for me when I embed questions for students to answer. Once issue I would mention is that I have had trouble with videos loading when the Mix is uploaded to the Office Mix site. Also, the student data takes about 30 minutes after the students answer to be available and the analytics on student questions are a little clunky. I have not had students create their own Mix so I cannot speak to that aspect of use.
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What kid wouldn't like to see themselves on a presentation?

I like that it adds another dimension to presentations. I also like that students are able to see how they look and sound while giving presentations. As students are supposed to participate in listening and speaking, this can help them improve in both of those areas. Younger students will need some scaffolding at first to get comfortable using the program. Then, they will enjoy creating their own work. This is very useful for student-led presentations, project-based learning, and other student directed class activities.
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The perfect tool for flipping those PowerPoint presentations!

I really love Office Mix! I am actually looking forward to creating more content with Mix for teachers but also for students! I serve two campuses and when it comes to teaching students technology I can't be in 2 places at one time. With Office Mix, I'll be able to create a screencast of the tech lesson and share it with teachers and their students. This will allow them to watch it when they want and if they need to go back and review the content again they can do that. I haven't used the other apps with Office Mix yet but I plan to use the quiz feature really soon!
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Office Mix works with PowerPoint to create lecture type videos complete with audio.

I like that I can share Mix videos on OneDrive with my students.They can watch the videos as homework saving classroom time for other assignments.
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Take Learning Deeper with PowerPoint & Office Mix: Screencast, Narrate, Interact, and Present All in One Tool

As a teaching tool, Office Mix does a lot. It has interactive elements akin to PearDeck's free version, the screencasting functionality of Screencastomatic, Snagit, or Camtasia, the ability to narrate slides like MoveNote, and the analytics of online assessment tools like Socrative or Zaption. And for teachers who already have PowerPoint content created, Office Mix can be added into existing presentations to both liven up the presentation and take the learning into deeper territory. The downside is that is relies upon Office 2013 to create the Mix , which leaves Mac users out or anyone who has anything prior to Office 2013. While students don't need anything but a fully functioning browser to view or interact, it isn't fully functional on mobile devices yet. Mobile devices can view the Mix as an .mP4 but all of the interactive elements are stripped out. Once it is truly device agnostic on the student side, it will be a much more powerful tool.
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This is an awesome tool for screencasts as part of tutorials and showcases of performances.

This add on is a great contribution to every teacher's classes. It is a powerful tool to capture and record screens for tutorials and showcasing.
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Interactive Online Assessment

Office Mix is a simple plug-in for PowerPoint. This makes it very easy to take existing content that a teacher has created and convert it into a Mix for use online or create entirely new content as a Mix. The collection of assessment data in the tool makes it a great asset for teachers who may be looking for a new model like Blended Learning or having a Flipped Classroom. Mix can also make it very easy for a teacher to build content for students who may miss class so that they can easily get online and work with the content and show understanding of it through the assessment components.
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