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A great place to start kids thinking about coding and computer science!

I love Made with Code and I think that it uniquely doesn't just present coding activities or games but also showcases where the "magic" happens so that girls, specifically, can see themselves in the work. I do have to say that the activities aren't updated as often as I would like and could also stand to have multiple entires, beginning-advanced. The reality, though, is that it isn't meant to be long term stand alone curriculum but is meant to be short spurts of ideas to show what can be made with code and it does that very well.
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Great variety to teach coding

This is a great variety of coding projects, and they add new ones often, which will reach a wide variety of students. Beware if you have older computers (and many schools do) as it will bog down your system and cause it to run hot after a while, sometimes resulting in crashes. Don't be afraid to use this with boys, the project page does not specify gender, even though this is supposed to be geared towards engaging girls in coding, as boys enjoy most of the projects equally.
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Made With Code is a great place to inspire and get students excited about computer programming.

Made With Code is a great starting point for bringing computer programming into the classroom. Teachers will see how excited students become when they complete a project. However if a teacher's goal is to start a computer programming curriculum they will need to use additional resources. The Resource section does provide more advance activities through partner websites such as Scratch and Mozilla Web Maker. But there is no true instructional tools available on the website.
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Great site for introducing programming concepts and careers to students.

This is a very good site for introducing students to concepts and careers of basic programming. You need to make sure you have school access to YouTube to show the videos. I have seen some of the Blockly projects appear on Google's home page. Blockly is easy to use and understand. Even though the site is geared toward female students (all the videos have female presenters) it is also good information for male students.
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Excellent site to begin learning to code!

This isn't your grandfather's code! Recently, STEM learning has been implemented at all grade levels and learning to code is a major part of the field. While boys have been historically been more involved in the field (primarily due to their interest in gaming) the industry is making a concerted effort to engage girls in learning how to code. There isn't anything particularly gender-specific about the process and I believe many girls will enjoy learning how to create code. This website is an excellent means of introducing the topic to the entire population and engage all the students with a fun activity. It also gives it a real world application as the code is actually responsible for lighting up a tree somewhere in the US. I love that the activities are updated and are interesting to the students. The resources on the site are also very helpful and can get a teacher started (even one who doesn't know much about code, like me!)
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