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Professional quality videos in a flash!

This app is an excellent, free, easy to use creation based app. It is easy to get set up, provided that students meet age requirements. One solution is to make a class account which students are able to access. The downside to this is that a lot of responsibility will be placed in students as they will have access to each others' work. The upside is that you will always have access to what students are working on. I love that the app has pre-made options to choose from like "promote and idea," or "tell a story." This really helps as a starting point to generate ideas or to help students narrow down their focus. The app is extremely easy to use for all ages and allows for students to add pictures, text, music, backgrounds and to record audio. Students are able to put together quality presentations in a reasonable timeframe. When recording, it is best to use a microphone rather than the iPad microphone for clarity. I think that this app could be greatly enhanced by adding a collaborative option so that students could work on the same project together simultaneously. When projects are finished it is simple to download and share the project. You can share the project through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Messenger and others. My favourite is to save it to the camera roll of the iPad. From here, you can upload it to other programs like Youtube or Google Classroom. Overall, Adobe Voice is a tool that my students love to use and come back to again and again!
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This app is user-friendly...your students will catch on quickly! This tool is great for creating engaging videos--images are provided within the app--making image searches easy for students.

Hand this app over to your students, and they will easily create engaging videos! This app can be used for story-telling, show and tell, step-by-step explanations, and more.
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Easy to use digital presentation for elementary students.

This tool is easy to show students a few features and they can really figure out the rest themselves. Students are not able to save it where their name is attached to the content. It is good to find tools that allow even younger students to create very professional presentations, but that also require them to learn components like self-selection of backgrounds, music, and other features. The greater ownership they have over what the product can look like in the end, the more time they take to make it their very best work. We have had some trouble with the saving feature at times.
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Capture your Audience, engage your students like never before.

My students were EXCITED and engaged at the suggestion of using adobe as the introduction or finale of a project or team task. They used it to capture their learning and vocalize/visualize what they had created. It was a great way for students to express their thoughts and make a presentation or use the adobe voice creation as a piece of the presentation.
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Easy way to create dynamic presentations!

As a tool it works very well. It's a good option that does not require a lot of set up, nor does it require days of explanation. I use this as one of many options for students presenting research, and have found that students who hate standing in front of the classroom presenting a slideshow really can thrive when told "press play and go get some water, be back in time for discussion after."
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Create quick and professional presentations with music

My favorite apps are always the ones that have students creating, and this one does just that. It is not one where students will be taught something from the app, but where they can showcase their learning. I love that students can record their voices, add in some images, and not worry about the music behind it because it is provided. I thought it was handy these would be shared through social media or emailed out to parents.
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Create quick, professional looking videos directly from your phone with Voice.

Adobe Voice is an incredibly well made application. It is very easy to use without a need for a lot instruction on how to use it. Most students above grade 3 or 4 will be able to intuitively get started completely on their own. There are many templates to choose from and they are based on what you want to do- tell a story, teach a lesson, etc. The uses for this tool in the classroom are innumerable. Students could create audio/video versions of their writings. ELL students could create a visual word bank with pictures of items and record the word in English and their native language. Students could create visual tutorials of math strategies. And these ideas don't even include the many teachers uses such as visual tutorials for remediation. The full feature collection does require download over WiFi for installation and you must have an Adobe account to use the app. A teacher could easily create a throwaway account for students to use under supervision, but it is an obstacle that needs to be addressed. Once created, the videos can be shared in a number of ways and the result is an easy to use and share format that could even be imported into other applications.
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Easy to Use Presentation App

Creating a presentation involves only 3 steps (title, choose a layout, and add voice and image content to each page) so students don't get bogged down in font style/size/color/placement. However, unlike Educreations, many of the icons and photos found by using the built-in search feature are not appropriate for young children. When using this app my students can only use photos from their iPads or take a photo with their camera. For this reason some of them prefer Educreations that has a more stringent filter on image content. Adobe Voice does allow music to be added, which the other apps don't. I know Adobe Voice isn't designed for students under 13, but it would be helpful to filter images by an age range, maybe in a setting associated with the account.
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Simple App for creating personally narrated slideshows.

I highly recommend this app to anyone. Having a student with a sever communication disability, he was able to have another device do the talking and then it recorded for him. I like how simple the app is to use and that you can then send the link to anyone for viewing. I do not like that the videos cannot be sent directly to the camera roll and then downloaded from there. You have to have an Internet connection to view the videos. This app can be used for many different activities. I see this being used a lot in the lower elementary as a way for them to tell stories. Also this can take the place of doing a traditional PowerPoint. Being able to add your own voice to you work makes it more personal and fun.
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Redefine projects and student learning: Use Your Voice

Adobe Voice is a great, easy way for students to gather multiple form of information and share information in a digital medium. The application in relation to SAMR falls within the redefinition, for it allowed students to create a narrated exploration of specific career and shared it online across multiple platforms. Depending on how educators utilize this application would impact Voice falling between Modification and Redefinition. The ability for students to create, combine, and share multiple forms of media makes Voice a winner.
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