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Frustrating for a parent!

This is my daughter's review of the product(grade 7): I don't like to be rude, but I HATE imagine math. It's picky about how many questions you can get wrong before you fail a lesson, it's "helpful videos" don't help at all, the questions are worded so complex that I need to analyze that before I can even think about the math! When I leave the site to look up help, it sets a timer and signs me out before I can solve the question. As for the "direct teacher help", I have to fail at least 6 lessons before it will actually send a teacher. The teacher is a robot sometimes that keeps introducing themselves. The lessons teach you one thing and then move on before you can actually learn how to do it. It's almost as if it's saying, "You failed this. Congrats, you're dumb. Next lesson..." It does not teach on the subject that we are learning in school, and right now, we are learning about negative numbers but imagine math is teaching me about interest. Overall, imagine math is not even close to a good math website to use.
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Pablo Gallegos

Never use it, its a waste of money, time and your kid's time. they will have an awful time with it.
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Think Through Math can help rethink math instruction in the classroom.

It seems that our upper elementary students are responding well to this teaching tool. I am able to see their progress, though at times the dashboard can seem a little "busy." The students love the motivation rewards that allow them to feel like their hard work in math is making a difference in the world. The program provides the right amount of support for students through automated hints and tutorials in the beginning phases of learning. The audio feature meets the needs of our struggling readers and the talk-to-a-teacher feature lets students be in the drivers seat of what instruction they need and when they need it. While this provides a lot of data for the teachers, having the ability to see student performance standard by standard without having to drill down on every student would be beneficial.
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Great for Struggling High Schoolers

This program is great, it has helped 3 of my students pass the STAAR exam, with at least 12 other students pending results. This program keeps the kids engaged with their explanations, live teacher help and warm up games. There are a few activities that require modeling before students are able to understand what it is that the program is asking for, but the program also makes modeling this very easy and user friendly.
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The kids love the games!

I like this resource because the kids like it. The placement test at the beginning was the only frustrating thing for them since there were somethings they hadn't learned yet and they didn't want to just guess. They wished there had been an "i seriously have no idea" button, but I understand why there wasn't. Beyond the placement test the program is amazing. letting the students skip things they already know and move on to things they need to work on, then rewarding them with games when they do well.
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Highly Engaging, Competitive, Individualized Math Program

This has allowed me to create individualized instruction that meets the needs to all of my students. I wish that it would appeal to the lower level - struggling learners. For example, they can watch a video of a similar problem being solved with that strategy. Visual and auditory learning styles help the struggling students. Or allow- for touch screen options where the students have to show their thinking on the screen. Interactive chat room where they can talk to their classmates or others in the district. My students and I LOVE TTM! Thank you for making such a difference in the school year.
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Review of Think Through Math

My favorite aspect is the live teacher support for the students. When my students get stuck and I'm not available to help them, they can live chat with a Think Through Math teacher. A cool part of TTM is the progress bar at the top of the page that lets them know where they are in a lesson - pre-test, warm-up, guided practice, independent practice, or post-test. The warm-up is usually a game and the students find those to be very engaging. The guided practice and independent practice are more like traditional pencil and paper tasks (which means that they translate well to test-taking success!) and the students earn coins for completing these tasks. The coins are used for avatar accessories and the pricing and number accessories has kept my students engaged with TTM for months, where other programs either make it too hard or too easy to purchase reward items and the kids lose interest. The one thing I would suggest that TTM develop in the future, is a way to really support ELL students. There is a mathematical dictionary built in, but key words could be hyperlinked to the dictionary entry and entries could have more pictorial cues to assist ELLs.
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Amazing Differentiated Program!

I think this product is amazing. Sometimes while teaching students would raise their hand and say things such as "I learned this on TTM!" or "My teacher on TTM taught me to solve it like this" or "I like to solve this way so I can see _______." Truly a wonderful program.
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Differentiated, motivational, and engaging!

I really like that it has a feature that reads to the students. I have students of varied reading levels who are able to use the program independently. I am thrilled that they recently added the option to turn off avatar editing.
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The KIDS love it too!

I appreciate the lessons and the practice for all of my learners, but the slower learners get to work at their own speed and learn from someone else, which can have good benefits.
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