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Zondle WAS a comprehensive free learning/gaming site that students could use as an alternative to worksheets.

Overall this tool has made my lessons and assignments more enjoyable and engaging for the students because they get to have more of a choice in their learning. I like that it is easy to set up, monitor and that there is a built in gradebook for me to check progress of my students. This tool could better serve me and my students if it was easier to organize the material individually and if you could simply delete those things unwanted with a single click. Finally, if they would keep it free that would be even better.
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Super fun game with uncertain future!!

I love this product. I was sad to hear that it would no longer be in existence. However, we have now been informed that it will continue to exist with a rather high yearly fee. I am concerned my school administrators will not support this at this proposed fee.
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Great tool for reinforcing concepts!

Zondle has helped improve student test scores tremendously! Can't say enough good things about it. The new interface can be a little confusing at times, especially for new users.
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Not as user friendly as it sounds

I cannot recommend it to my colleagues. The site is difficult to navigate and isn't very teacher friendly. It would be great if there was a tutorial (if there is; I cannot find it).
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Reward students with a Zondle game!

This tool will not transform the way you teach, but it is a wonderful review tool and students love it. Teachers add content and if students answer correctly, they are able to choose from a wide variety of comical games. It is easy to use for both teacher and students and I think it is great. It wont allow students to gain a great depth of knowledge but it certainly deviates from the old and tired worksheet.
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Use beyond elementary school for review or student created content.

Although some might see Zondle as being simplistic, I think it is the simplicity that makes this site great! It’s easy to use for both the teacher creating games and for students to play the games. Having the ability to have students visit the site themselves or to embed individual games elsewhere into a website of a Learning Management System (ex. Schoology) makes this product versatile. The little games that are interspersed into the questions helped students to avoid fatigue and gives them something to aim for if they answer questions correctly. I really like Zondle and recommend it for any grade level.
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