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Print doesn't have to mean static!

This app is a bit more complicated than I would like it to be for students. It has so many possibilities however that make the learning curve worth it. One thing that I feel is lacking is continuity between the mobile app and the design studio. Both Apple and Google have spoiled me into expecting to easily work on multiple devices. Unfortunately, HP Reveal does not allow you to begin in one and continue on another device. Hopefully, this is a feature that they are looking to add.
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Layer your QR Codes to "hide" information

Overall I would recommend this as a teaching tool. I think it would work best with a thematic unit of study. I also think it would work better with older students (though I have not tried it with younger students).
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Best free app ever!

have used this app in all different ways grades 1-5; everything from an interactive periodic table to book reports 2.0 to a demonstration of how students completed their work. Teachers will take away some great ideas on how to use this app in any grade level and in any subject; and even how to make the pictures in their school’s yearbook come alive!
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Using Augmented Reality To Transform Your Classroom

Augmented Reality is an example of a technology that can make classroom learning more transformational and engaging. What in the past had seemed like fantasy is now a part of our reality. There are practical examples for Augmented Reality being used in classrooms around the world, as the ability to overlay digital content and information onto the real world--using triggers like images and locations--opens up a whole new world of learning opportunities. Do you want to allow students to interact with 3D models? Bring learning to life? Break down the walls of the classroom? Experiment with an AR app--and see the magic happen.
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Aurasma- Augmented Reality

I think the use of Augmented Reality is a great tool. It allows independent learners to flourish- as well as those that need more guidance. I am going to incorporate Aurasma into my poetry unit and would ultimately like to see it used with the writing pieces in place of traditional presentations. It offers a wider variety for student reflection.
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Showcase students abilities with agumented reality

As a Foreign Language teacher I can see how I could create Auras for the vocabulary I plan to teach and allow for students to explore with their devices around the classroom. It would be helpful to have a way to distribute the Auras to parents, and other devices without using a public display.
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Very exciting app that allows students to interact with a progressive technology

I haven't found this to be a great instructive tool, however it works well for student-student interaction and increasing understanding through interaction with peers and technology.
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Great way to "hang" multimedia on a bulletin board!

I don't see it so much as a teaching tool but as a publishing tool. It's easy for a student to write an essay and hang it up for someone to see, but a more dynamic project is much harder to share. Aurasma excited the students when I showed it to them at the beginning of the project because they knew their videos would live on, be watched and enjoyed, as long as the pictures were up, they knew their work would be visible beyond the unit of study and the singular class walls. That was an amazing motivating factor, energizing the students to create amazing videos knowing they weren't just to fill a requirement.
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Engage students and wow parents with this versitile app.

Aurasma is what you make of it. It is merely a tool for delivering content, albeit in a unique way. Teachers can make the most of the app by giving students the opportunity to be creative content creators. I recommend teachers sign up for an Aurasma Studio (website) account. It is free for educators and a more powerful way to load content into the app. Some users complain about the hassle of subscribing to a channel in order to view content. On the flip side, channels can provide a layer of privacy for your students. One benefit to using Aurasma over Layar (a similar app) is the option to upload content from within the app or online via Aurasma Studio.
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Fantastic way to engage students on otherwise not so engaging assignments!

I love this as a teaching tool. It engages the kids and I think that used as "homework help" it can really be beneficial for those times when you just can't be sitting right there with them. I liked how easy it was to use once I figured it out. Follow any step by step directions that you can find online, or Google for you tube videos on how to do it at first. Once you do it a few times, you will be a pro, but it does take a little bit to get in the groove!
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