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I wanna be a Code Avenger

My students love it. I love it. I recommend to anyone teaching coding to high school students. It was so successful that I had several of my advanced students teach themselves JavaScript and Python. I would place this on the Modification level of SAMR because of the significant functional change to the task of writing a we page in coding when compared to Notepad or Notepad-plus-plus.
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Good resource for teaching students HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding.

This is a great resource for learning HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript. It has good support, instruction and videos.
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Teach Coding!

I'd like to see a culminating project and a way for teachers to see progress of students. For now, I'll continue spot checking!
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Excellent website for teaching coding

I think Code Avengers as a teaching tool is excellent. It walks students step-by-step through the elements of coding and provides real-time feedback as they see their webpage developing. It is not is best for high school students. HTML is very dry to teach, and challenging. This format of interactive lessons makes it more appealing to students while still really teaching them HTML. It also has resources and supports for students who are struggling. The only element I am missing as a teacher is possibly some kind of answer key or more supports for teachers. For now, my answer key is my own completed lessons.
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Great resource for HS students.

I liked it but need a beet way to track and score kids progress. Need a way to encourage student progression.
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Learn how to Code

Students and teachers should learn how to code. This program provides a fun way to learn how to code.
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