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I think this is a great site for schoolchildren and students.
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Great Visual Assess for the Geography Classroom

StrataLogica offers an interactive globe in the classroom. I think that the use of layers of the maps is a tool that can be used for the knowledgeable geography teacher. I love that the students we so excited to use maps and explore. However, I probably wont be using this application again. This is a paid app (I use the 30 day trial) and there are plenty of websites that offer similar maps for free. I would however say that if a class is strictly geography it could be very beneficial.
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Excellent critical thinking initiation!

At first glance it looks just like another boring school website. Login, go here, go there, etc. It's also a paid site. Unless you feel it is something you would use quite often, and worth the money, I wouldn't purchase it (although the 30 day trial period is pretty generous and gives you a good feel for whether it's something you would use). There are other apps and sites out there can accomplish ALMOST what StratLogica does. However, it goes beyond what you might expect in that it's a pretty engaging and an educationally valuable website for social studies, geography and even some math activities.
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Great mapping tools that can be integrtated with You Tube, Vimeo. and Flicker.

It has not worked as well after a recent sell of the company. It also is very expensive for an account.
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