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Fun way to learn about simple machines and problem solving.

I really like this app. Students learn a lot about simple machines and it really helps with their problem solving skills. It's hard to get them to stop playing.
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Great connection to Rube Works project-based learning!

I thoroughly enjoyed using this project as a teaching tool. Some of the kids in my class that typically struggle with traditional learning exceeded in problem solving and critical thinking. It was refreshing to see them succeed and explain their solutions to classmates. I paired the students together which led to great conversation as to how to solve the levels. It did seem like the students mentioned there were some glitches or struggles with manipulating or moving objects.
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Wonderful interactive game that teaches students how Rube Goldberg thinks

I highly recommend this app as an instructional tool. Students learn the cause and effect of one item on another. It is highly interactive and students wanted to use the game as a reward.
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a springboard for making real inventions

This paid app (around $2) is useful for warming up the creative side of thinking. It can be an antidote for excessive direct instruction, and for some students, a wonderful way to engage in school time without feeling pressured. It doesn't teach principles of force and motion, but does reward students who intuitively apply what they know from experience and observation. Most effective I believe if inventions, building and making models, and any kind of design is already part of your instruction. The introduction, giving how-to's and tips, is an exercise in reading and sequencing instructions, which is always good for students to improve!
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