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Great math practice for students who need intervention or a challenge at a great price!

What I really like is that it provides scaffolded practice for the children and gives the teacher a way to analyze they types of errors they are making. I love the use of tenframes throughout the program as it provides them with great visual support. The teacher can assign a test for the students to take. The program then generates for the children the concepts within that unit that the children need to work on. After completing those assignments they take a post test. The downside is that the test has 40 problems which can be challenging for a child to complete in one sitting. However, if the child needs to take a break for awhile or a day or week, it saves the progress. When the child logs on again to this test, it goes to where they left off. It provides children a choice of what they would like to work on as well. I also love that it keeps track of their progress! I can print out cute certificates for the kids when they make a goal and I can print out reports to keep in their folder and share with a parent.
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This is a decent tool for providing students with differentiated math instruction.

Overall this would be an o.k. tool to use for teaching math concepts. I liked the ease of setting it up and having students log-in. I also liked that I could assign various lesson paths to different students while still giving students a choice about the things they wanted to do. It would be a tool students could use at home or at school in order to get more math practice. I think many of the printable worksheets and assessments seemed "old-fashioned". The activities were not interactive enough and did not impress me as being up-to-date in terms of technology. In this day and age it takes a lot to impress kids and adults. This website has the right idea, but needs to update photos, videos, and include more technology enhanced assessment items.
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