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Chatting on Line

I think if you can find the right reason to use it, it is a great tool. You do have to teach the students to write in as few characters as possible, which is tricky. Otherwise the kids are engaged in a safe environment to collaborate in. I highly recommend using this as a back channel for your classroom. It is very easy to set up. You can create an account and keep the channel open for as long or as little as you want. As a teacher you also have rights to delete what should not be there or to print all of the content.
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Give all students a voice and manage burning questions

Have used this for a few years and it keeps getting better. Students can join from home or other schools or countries to expand the conversation. Teachers can really keep each room through paused rooms and access controls. You can keep rooms open all year long or for a specific period of time. It doesn't have all the pretty bells and whistles of some other apps, but it is easy to use and can really have several purposes.
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Meet TodaysMeet

This is a simple, yet profound way to encourage student input. Most students like to have a voice. They like to see their names on the screen. It's a way to improve the content of conversations. The classroom remains very quiet and thoughtful. Who doesn't love that now and then!? Right now, the only aspect I'm not comfortable with (and, perhaps, it's my lack of understanding) is the inability to edit/change a comment. There are endless ways to use this tool! We have a ton of writing assignments where students brainstorm topics related to our big idea. I think using this to open up the discussion for possible options would help slow starters. I will definitely be using it more and more as I revamp my teaching practices to incorporate more technology and online participation.
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Today's Meet says it will give every child a voice - AND IT DOES!

Today's Meet is so versatile that you are really only limited by your imagination. You can use it for discussions, questions, to allow students to answer questions. as a place to review for a test, as a scaffold for struggling learners, in conjunction with other material presented such as an in-class presentation or video... Students like it because it is a "safe" place and comfortable way to get engaged in a lesson, especially for a shy or quiet student. You can also embed it in places like your webpage, your LMS, Google Classroom, etc so that it can be a learning guide or study tool for students. As an educator, with a tool like Today's Meet, you get instant feedback and assessment of your classes in one quick shot. It takes seconds to set up and students are comfortable with the format. I have one available for use every single day in my classroom as I feel participation and engagement are a must in my classroom.
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Engage the shyest of students with this backchannel/discussion tool.

The tool is only as good as the teaching. The teacher had an excellent lesson to begin with. I just helped to show here how it would work in the lesson and support her with the technology issues that may arise in class. Students are all over social media. This is their medium. Incorporating it into class created instant excitement. With any tech tool. Planning is the key as well as a great lesson.
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All students can join in the discussion with Today's Meet

I really like the simplicity of Today's Meet. You can just create a link without creating an account, or it is even better if you make an account. The reason being is that you can monitor your links and sessions. This tool gives ALL students a voice during a discussion, especially those who are too shy to speak up or never get a chance to. I really appreciate the ability to customize the URL address for ease of student use. Today's meet works on any device that has a web browser and in environments that have Internet capabilities.
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Engagement and Participation for Everyone!

TodaysMeet promotes communication and collaboration for all. Through using this backchannel, even my quietest and least participatory students were involved in the conversation. It allowed for students that need more wait time, the time they needed to formulate a response without feeling the "pressure". Everyone had a voice! Every student had opportunities to share and be heard. Students also were able to respond and interact with each other versus teacher talk time. Additionally, content can now be moderated to limit inappropriate or off task conversation and also affords the privacy needed within a school setting. Overall, TodaysMeet is a great tool for creating digital conversations within the classroom, and I look forward to using it again.
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Encourage Hesitant Students

Hesitant or shy students may not share their knowledge or questions with the class. Today's Meet allows students to message each other in real-time. The teacher creates a room for the students to join and can pose questions and share information. Careful instruction about digital responsibility must be given due to the fact that students may write anything. The teacher may close and open rooms for set amounts of time.
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Great Interactive Visual for SMALL Groups!

Following the SAMR model this tool is at best Augmentation and Modification. It floats between those lines depending on how it is utilized in the classroom. The moderator should focus the discussion more toward analyzing rather than application of knowledge to increase from Augmentation to Modification.
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A Tool to Engage and Give Voice to Every Student!

TodaysMeet promotes agency within the classroom. Every student participates and has a voice - digitally. Every student gets to communicate - even the most quiet. Involvement increases with TodaysMeet. Additionally, the tool also provides a solid, fast, and easy assessment tool for a teacher. The feedback is instantaneous. This helps the teacher, but will also help students who can quickly see correct responses, should that be the need. TodaysMeet is a great avenue to run 'office hours' after school, if there was an upcoming test or large writing assignment. The teacher and students could log-on at a given time and the teacher could address questions. The TodaysMeet Room would serve as a transcript of the office hour or study session and actually help even more students for an indefinite amount of time. A great tool!
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