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I do like this program when we are having discussions and especially in math.

I like it as a teacher. It does help in my class discussions, especially in math.
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Learning to Ask High Order Question

I love Stick Pick as a teaching tool. When students practice asking high level questions, they naturally become more involved in the answering process. This activity not only helped students formulate great questions, but it gave them the opportunity to practice what it looks like to answer those questions. Knowing how to answer high order thinking questions with the Stick Pick app helped to prepare them for the types of questions that I included on a chapter test. Students are now naturally using the types of questions we practiced with Stick Pick when using Kagen Structures like Round Robin and Rally Coach. When students understand the tool and the process, deeper understanding is a given.
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Stick Pick lets me collect formative assessment data easily. Also, it's great for my English language learners . I can ask them appropriate questions.

Before Stick Pick, I'd lose a lot of great moments and formative assessment data with students because it wasn't convenient to track it. Now, I can quickly rate students' responses and see how each student performed over time. Disclaimer: I created this app in 2011 and I still use it every day.
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Stick pick increases student engagement and is helpful in posing questions appropriate for each learner.

Stick pick is a random way to pick students to answer questions- just like the old fashioned popsicle sticks. The best part is you can program the types of question stem each student gets ahead of time with Bloom's Taxonomy, Bloom's Revised, or ESL. To pick a stick, the teacher either swipes up, taps or shakes the ipad. Then, a variey of appropriate question stems appear, giving the teacher variety in what they might want to ask that particular student. Teachers are able to assess student's answers as either correct, incorrect or as an opinion by tapping a button. This data can be emailed to parents. Teachers are able to change the question level when they want.
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Differentiation on the fly

Goodbye popsicle sticks! This app allows you to not only randomly call on students, but it allows you to differentiate by individual! It allows you to identify a student's level based upon Bloom's Taxonomy, then gives you appropriate questions stems when you call upon a child. In the end, it tracks correct and incorrect responses.
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