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A great learning tool

I think this website is a great teaching tool. It helps students understand how how to evaluate and reference pieces of information and apply it properly. It helps students apply critical thinking skills and the website overall is very informative and interactive. It's a great way to keep students engaged.
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Great tool for helping struggling writers

Again I think it's great for struggling writers. I'd like to see more hints to help them do it on their own in the future. This is a great tool to use at the beginning but they need to grow from there.
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Time-saving citation tool but has limitations

It a good tool for citations, but limited by the fact it doesn't work for PDF's (in the free version), nor does it allow exporting to Google Docs (in the free version). It does allow exporting the notes and works cited to MS Word, but not all students have MS Word (some have Chromebooks, for example), and, for the students that do have Word, they shouldn't have to export to World first, then copy and paste from Word into a Google Doc. That workflow is too cumbersome.
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Assurance of proper citations in research papers and essays.

Some genres are already loaded into this website and make it much easier to prepare an essay, ESPECIALLY, for those who are challenged and have trouble comprehending the steps. As a teacher, you can set the outline up with prompts and steps you choose. The exercises and outlines can be made the way you want to design them. If writing is made more simple, students won't be so fearful of research and writing. I am hoping that it will help them write excellent research papers because as of now, they document sources throughout their papers poorly. I teach and reteach and still their writing is mediocre. I believe that tools like this will strengthen learning and mold good writers.
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Great way to streamline the research process!

I think that for any teacher, not just ELA content, this tool is an essential for a research paper writing unit or project. It allows the teacher to log in an entire class and then monitor through the teacher's account time on task and progress without going to look at each individual's computer. I think it is important to remember, however, that students still need knowledge and reasoning of the citation process due to copyright infringements and legalities that are part of the world in which they live: students should probably be taught manual citation in my opinion prior to this site's usage. Overall, great tool for streamlining the often complicated and layered process of research writing.
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Easy Chrome extension to aid in the research process

I love this extension: it is easy for students to navigate through any website, it highlights right on the page (no navigating elsewhere or having multiple tabs open), and it allows students to change the headings to match their research topics. I like that I can teach this process in the beginning, and let students work independently while I help individuals who need the extra attention. It also allows for students to write their own "commentary" on the highlighted (captured) information. The only negative I did find was the way the citations look in the project page: If you have a lot of citations, you are doing a LOT of scrolling to get to each of them. Once you "use" the citation in your outline, it highlights that citation, but does not delete it. For students with visual or spatial issues, this might be overwhelming. I am interested to see if the developers will add a way to share projects with teachers or other students to increase collaboration, though it might be available through Google Drive (once information is accumulated).
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Help students document resources throughout their paper

I like this app and find it is a great activity for teaching research writing because it provides "hands-on" activities.
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