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Quick, easy and to the point video creation

I have shared this app with many of the teachers at my school. It is very simple to use for the students and teachers. I like that is gives the teacher an additional formative assessment method to check for understanding. If the teacher was using the app for math and the student had to explain the steps, the teacher could hear where in the process the student might be having a difficult time understanding how to solve the problem. The teacher could also share videos that are solved correctly with students that are making mistakes to help them find where the errors are occurring in the process. It is also a great way for students to annotate an image that is available. This app is a great introduction for students into the ISTE standards. The app gives students the opportunity to practice recording their own voice and expressing their ideas to explain a concept. If the student isn't satisfied, they can easily delete and restart. Screen Chomp is easy to integrate across the curriculum to meet the state and ISTE standards.
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Screen Chomp: A Great Tool for Station and/or Rotation Activities

Screen Chomp is an excellent app for rotations or station work. It would be a great tech aspect to add to the Daily Five rotations that many teachers in elementary classrooms use. It has many functions like recording, snapping pictures, etc. I will have students record their problems from time to time and use them for students in other classes and different grade levels. The app is very easy to use and the kids love using the ipad to make problems for each other. It is easy to upload the students' recordings and easy to generate videos from the app that teachers can use in their personal portfolios or for use in student portfolios. Students really enjoy changing colors of their pens and the quick erase feature. The camera option also allows teachers the opportunity to take pictures of graphs, charts, etc. and then asking students to "mark up" the picture with essential pieces of information from lessons being taught. I will take pictures of the rhythm tree and then ask students to circle eighth notes, draw triangles around quarter notes, etc. This is a super fun way to check for understanding while incorporating technology within my music lessons.
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A whiteboard source that allows students to illustrate knowledge of a topic in math.

Students enjoyed using the program but were frustrated if they did not complete the task in the allotted time as ScreenChomp did not allow them to save their work. I liked using it as an alternative assessment tool.
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A presentation tool that allows students to add a picture and record their own voice.

I am a fan of this product for my kindergarten classroom. I have watched students who struggled with other forms of presentation use this with enthusiasm. It does require some assistance for younger students, however, if it is used enough they can begin to use it independently.
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Great tool for students to demonstrate their understanding!

This product is easy to use (I use it on an iPad) and it is simple to send video. It does require an e-mail address set up on the iPad itself so this can sometimes prove difficult when using school devices.
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A digital creation app for multiple grades and multiple topics!

ScreenChomp is one of those apps that can be used by multiple grade levels and within multiple subjects/topics. ScreenChomp allows students to "show what they know" by creating movies using their own voice, drawn images, and/or images taken from the iPad's camera. Once the movie is created, students can "publish" their work for others to view and learn from. I like seeing students using this iPad app because it's more than assessing more than filling in a blank or bubble.
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Quickly demonstrate what you know...Share in a snap

I think this app has many uses in the classroom for all grade levels K-12 and above. Teachers/students start out with a blank whiteboard and can add images, files, annotations and recordings to further analyze content and demonstrate learning. A plus to this app is that you can import straight from Dropbox. I like how this recording app allows you to preview your recording before "publishing." Another plus is that it produces a URL that can be easily shared or posted on teacher website/blog. I would like to see this app have a web-based application that allows teachers/students to access on regular computers. Otherwise, teacher/student creations are saved within the app.
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Students love to create.

This is a great app for students to show what they know.
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Wonderful IWB App in the middle of the IWB App pack

This is my first IWB app that I used three years ago. The kids had a great time with it in pairs. It is easy and simple to use. I exported it to a website and could access it easily. Though, after trying Educreations, I find that Educreations has a step up, because you can add photos easily.
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No frills, no fuss...launch it and go!

This is one of the must-have apps for iPads. It is so easy to learn and there are no bells and whistles to distract students. Launch, record and save- it's really as easy as that. Once you record your screencast, you can choose to share it and can easily get a link to your screencast. It's a great way to have students access your screencast or to share a screencast that a student has made with his or her parents. The company that makes it has excellent customer service and makes some other terrific screencasting products.
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