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This site has helped me and my music students interact with each other

in my opinion, this website is great for young artist or learners, like i said it's easy to find work, and my students most of the time are very fond of it
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This is a great engagement tool!

I do like this as an educational tool. I do not like that it cost. I am glad that it is a free service and allows for further engagement or enrichment. SoundCloud provides another way for students to communicate with teachers. It gives students a creative outlet for their educational thoughts. I think that it adds engagement because it peaks student interest. It is also good for differentiation in your class for the different levels of learning. I really like using this in my classroom.
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Nice integration tool for sharing audio files like student created podcasts, or reviews.

Soundcloud is easy to use, simple to set up, and worked well as a tool for sharing podcasts (other student created audio files). I liked the social networking capabilities of Soundcloud, and the ability for students to listen to each others podcasts and provide ratings. I think this is a good tool for audio sharing.
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Great interactive web 2.0 applications for creating Podcasts in the target language, Spanish

It is a great teaching tool that allows teachers to incorporate technology into their repertoire by using audio, Podcasting is a powerful tool that encourages listening and speaking skills.
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Simple Audio Recorder with Multiple Classroom Applications

SoundCloud is a user-friendly audio recording and sharing service. I love it because it's simple, free, and doesn't require any special equipment. It's an excellent way to record semester reflections, book opinions, original songs, spoken poems, interviews, and more. Although it's easy to use, it allows students an opportunity to practice technology literacy, and the embedding feature allows for a bit of coding when publishing to an ePortfolio or blog. For students accustomed to more engaging ways of recording and sharing audio (i.e. YouTube videos) or those who are not auditory learners may think the service boring or a hassle.
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