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Noteflight has been immensely helpful to both myself and my students. I personally use this program quite often to rearrange parts as needed, or simply send my students the link to refer to the mp3 of their part.

I love this product as I use it now, but hope to implement it for more student driven learning in the future. Students can easily start their own compositions, listen to their parts, or utilize this platform as a lab for music theory.
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Perfect for the Flipped or Blended Music Classroom.

This is a great product, but reserved for your best and brightest upper grade level students. This product is perfect for students in AP Music Theory courses or college level Music Theory courses. There is a online course pack that makes the product super easy to install and incorporate with many course management systems like Moodle and Blackboard. It takes the guess work out of online assessments.
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Easy to use music creation program standard musical notation (piano).

I love it, but it may require some musical background on the part of the teacher to be able to implement it. One has to place the notes rather precisely and this may be difficult for children who lack patience. The interface is fairly intuitive, but I would say it takes at least 15 minutes to learn well enough to use to teach to young children.
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Excellent introduction to music typesetting with the added benefit of getting to share creations with the Noteflight community.

Engraving software used to be the domain of high-cost, complicated publishers, but with Noteflight, anyone with an internet connection can get started in composing, arranging, or typesetting their music. While being able to notate by hand should be at the core of any music student's toolbox, the added benefit of being able to share compositions, copy and edit others, and comment on works makes this exceptionally valuable.
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Powerful music notation tool with a collaborative environment.

Noteflight is a powerful alternative to notation software such as Sielius or Finale. It was recently upgraded from Flash to HTML5 so it runs in browsers on computers and mobile devices. It does require Internet access to use--a con in some areas. It is pretty intuitive and the sounds are decent, but MIDI keyboard entry is only available with the paid version and is quite clunky due to browser limitations (it is step entry only). Because the product is entirely in traditional music notation, teachers of younger children or general music classes may prefer to use it themselves but not spend money on the fuller-featured classroom options. Excellent lesson plans from the Vermont MIDI project are available for free, and cover multiple standards in grades 3-12.
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