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Teacher tool for Summary or a Hook for a Lesson

It is fun and fairly intuitive. Younger students would enjoy this as much as older students. Students would need to have an email address for a log-in which makes it difficult to use in some elementary schools. The videos that can be created on the basic level limits the length to less than two minutes. Getting more features by purchasing the upgraded app does not make economical sense to me. Although the app should have the capability to upload the video that was created to Facebook and other sites, it would not upload on my phone. The videos are very short. I would use it more if it had the capabilities of looping the video.
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Layout, color coordination, music and animation handled for you.

Magisto helps make student work look professional without the students spending much time on the layout, design, etc. (I like that it does let them see what a professional piece of work should look like so they have an example to aspire to in their own work.). This allows the students to focus on the content of their work, which is a big benefit. More creative students can adjust their work to better fit the premade layouts while less accomplished students can be confident that their work will look good. The biggest drawback is not having a preview of the video before it is processed. Sometimes processing is quick; other times it is slow. Overall, I enjoy the product and will use it again as a choice for students.
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Fun tool to use to build videos quickly!

As a teaching tool, I'm not sure it's all that great. I didn't rate it too high. I do like the product because it's fast and easy! I would use it take a short video of a science experiment or perhaps a video creation of pictures from a field trip we took! Parents would probably love it and you can share it via your classroom Twitter, Facebook, Google+ account. I think in this way, you could really improve parent/teacher communication and show those parents who aren't in your classroom every day all the fun things you do! For students to use it, I think it would be better if you could share it to YouTube. I think this is a downfall in my opinion. I think you'd have to take some time going through all the themes to find which one might work for the project. I could see some positives if students could use this for Project Based Learning and used Magisto to show their learning. I just don't see it as much of a teaching tool however.
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Too Limited on Capabilities

I do not see much benefit from using Magisto - Magic Video Editor as a teaching tool. The music requirement takes away the ability to use dialogue, and the effects are distracting. It may work for a picture slideshow project, but overall I find other video editing apps to be a better choice.
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